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Locality development to me, is when your innovative idea or business is solving local problems in your host community


It’s unarguably believed that successful people think differently and try new approaches until they found something that worked for them. The same can be said of a dreamer making a frantic effort to create, manage and sustain a local business in a remote environment.

The world is plagued with endless constant problems. These problems are in varying degrees and likeness. It could be the three basic needs of man – shelter, food and clothing. However, the nature, only those who are willing to vary their approaches to (these) problems or try new ones will be successful in life. Are you one of them?

Research conducted by D.W. MACKINNON in the 1970s showed that highly creative people were no differences in intelligence from their less-creative colleagues. What they did was carefully and patiently study problems, experiment around and play with them. MacKinnon, as quoted in one of John Maxwell’s books: DARE TO DREAM described the playful mood as being “more childlike“.

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In the actual sense, successful people you see out there today have experienced tons of failures along the way to the top. They’ve fumbled and wobbled. Some were declared bankrupt and homeless.

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The best part is that they started from their local environment before attaining international recognition. This should be an encouraging factor for you to take charge of your locality with whatever business ideas or entrepreneurial skills you have to offer.

Living and operating in a local environment does not reduce your dreams or subject you too retarded growth in life. It is the way you think and how you are willing to try new approaches that determine how far you’ll go in life. Remember that life is a journey in phases.

Your willingness to vary your approaches to problems in your local environment makes you an achiever. That’s important in every human endeavour, even in the business world.

In lieu of the above, a lot of people uphold the conventional belief that business success is only tied to localizing business in a more populated area or city. As much as this fact might be slightly correct, it is rather equivocal. You can imagine how many local industries in rural areas still sustain and maintain a fair share of economical values and strength. This is a known understanding of how locality development affects the growth and sustainability of such business ventures.

Every environment has in it the driving force to make you successful, no matter how your business idea(s) tend(s). Checkered by failure, achievers, which you are, see every predicament as temporary. The way you think about whatever comes at you determines the unknown future.

Have you ever paused to study what problems are inherent in your locality, that no one is willing to solve? What about in your industry of business calls, is there any difference in your approach that separate you from the pack – branding?

The greater feat requires greater mental preparation. Hence, overcoming obstacles and persevering over the long haul may be impossible. Therefore, you need to find a basement for inspiration to keep your mind fresh and stable in the rigorous terrain of your entrepreneurial journey.

How To Think Like an EntrepreneurValuetainment


Thinking differently as an entrepreneur whose business ideas thrive in a local environment, with a global purview, will help you reach your success in mount Everest.

Your thinking has a special way of strengthening your local business committed to solving the local problem(s). This effort positively aid locality development and endear you and your brand to your customers or clientele.

Let’s hear from you how your business is contributing to the development of your local community and the most challenges faced in doing business in your locality.

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