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An enterprise, when fairly once began should not be left till all that ought is won


Have you ever wondered why most small businesses fail within the space of five years of establishment? In this post, you will learn and understand why changing your beliefs actually improve your small business’ success.


According to Oxford Dictionary, a belief is simply the mental acceptance of a claim as true. Faith or trust in the reality of something. Often based upon one’s own reasoning, trust in a claim, desire for actuality, and/or evidence considered. however explain a belief system as an ideology or set of principles that help you to interpret your everyday reality. These beliefs are shaped and influenced by a number of different factors.

Mistakes offer you a great opportunity for learning and development

As mental structures, a belief system influences the way you perceive the world around you. It also affects the values you accept or reject. It goes a long way to provide a supportive network and a sense of belonging.


Truly, you are born without any form of belief and unknown to any belief system. As you develop and grow in any communal system, you tend to learn and acquire the whole raft of beliefs in life. Let’s consider the types of beliefs and how they influence your everyday life.


There are significantly two types of beliefs. These include Positive and Negative Beliefs.


Positive beliefs are the kind of beliefs you strongly hold on to about yourself and the world that supports you, and are serving you well in your everyday life ( This strong emotional state of certainty creates momentum for you to be inspired and get ahead.

In the business world, a positive belief is that sparks light up your adrenaline to push your small business to the next level. It helps you create achievable strategies that influence your small business’s success and growth. It serves as a game-changer and momentum booster.

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Negative Beliefs are the direct opposite of positive beliefs. The negative beliefs do not support but prevent you from taking a quantum leap in areas that matters in your entrepreneurial journey. It kills your inspiration and motivation to grow and sustain your small business. This could come as a form of fatigue, excuses, procrastination, fear of failure and other negative vibes.

Negative Beliefs are the assassins of much small business growth and success. Hence, operating a small business in a local community where a negative belief system is a norm can be a threat. Moreover, you have the power to annul such a belief system.

Beware of no man more than yourself; we carry our worst enemies within us


Nothing glorious happens except your belief system is refined to the taste of certainty. What it means is that whatever result you are commanding today is borne out of your belief system. This fact defines your true entrepreneurial nature as either a success or failure.

Every successful entrepreneur or small business owner operates under a unique (positive) system that defines their testimonies as SUCCESS. The systematic system created the results they envisage and shape the world they live in.

Note that the life of a common entrepreneur is full of foundational crises known as “FEAR”. Fear, in a way, is the oil in the lamb of any dogged entrepreneur. Yet, it supplies the brightest lights that illuminate the transformational world of today.

Your small business success is hinged on your belief system. Do you believe in what you carry, possess or yourself?

Your beliefs, as a small business entrepreneur, determine how far you’ll go in life and the impact you’ll make. It is either controlled by fear or faith. A statement from “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” simply opined thus;

The main cause of poverty or financial struggle is fear and ignorance, not the economy, government, or the rich. It’s self-inflicted fear and ignorance that keep people trapped. Once you stop searching for information and self-knowledge, ignorance sets in. That struggle is a moment-to-moment decision – to learn to open or close one’s mind.

As a small business owner gunning for success, learn to develop a positive belief system. The reason is that whatsoever you believe in – with all your heart and might – has a 99 per cent influence on your results. It’s not only about the effort but the result. Your belief system should be able to birth the kind of success you desire for your small business.

The world is constantly controlled by a supernatural system that will impair your belief. Nothing can be possible without you possessing credible amounts of positive beliefs.

Therefore, when you learn to control the amount of negative impulse inside, exchanging it with corresponding atoms of self-knowledge and dimensional measure of positivity, your true success surface in no time.

A broadcast journalist, Belva David once said:

Don’t be afraid of the space
Between your dreams and reality.
If you can dream it, you can make it so.

The crux of this entrepreneurial inspiration is for you to follow the principle formal U.S. President, Herbert Hoover gave. He said, “Words without actions are the assassins of idealism.

The strong belief system you positively hold will birth the tenacity that keeps your business dream and vision alive in the darkest hours. It will help boost your business morale and cause you to achieve that irrevocable purpose in life.


It is critical to build strong beliefs that work for you. This is true because you have the sole tendency of achieving anything and everything significant in life.

Likewise, the worst things can happen as a result of your belief system. Whatsoever belief you hold about yourself and your business has a direct correlation with the quality of your life. It determines the levels of your achievement, fulfilment and success.

The rule of thumb is to have a flexible mindset that counteracts negative beliefs and ignorance to enable you to look at the big picture and command results.

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