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“Find out what you want, and go after it as if your life depends on it. Why? Because it does!”

Les Brown, Business Consultant

Have you ever wondered the easiest way you can truly discover your business purpose in any local environment? This is actually a one-in-a-million question that requires a straight answer.

Everybody was created by God to fulfil a purpose on earth. This, therefore, makes you a product of God’s purpose and defines you as a BRAND. Have you found yours yet? What’s yours? Is it to care for people through what you do (your business) or build a world-class business – that tackles unemployment in your community? Is it raising a healthy family – which should help create a healthy lifestyle for the world? To win championships – that which encourages people to start building a solid belief system and faith to create a revolutionary record? To be a public speaker – influencing your generation through spoken words to create a just world? If you could be interviewed, what would you say your purpose is?


Sarcastically speaking, about 99 per cent of people don’t know their purpose of living. That’s why they die before their time. They get frustrated, lose focus and fade off slowly. Or probably settle or blackout on their dreams. Eventually, that is the more reason why you should strive to discover your business purpose in your local environs.

Every society is characterised by various degrees/measures of problems that demand urgent solutions. This situation is where your business purpose is needed – to help ameliorate the life-ridden challenges inherent in the local environs. What if you do not understand your business purpose yet or have lost track of why you created that business of yours?

The point is that, if God has shaped you as an entrepreneur to attend to the needs of people in a local environment, then you should do everything in your power to see to that purpose. Failure to do so would cause the people living in that confinement to suffer. It can also kill your creative and business enthusiasm, leaving you with no option than being valueless in life.

Did you know that God had you in mind when creating the universe? And planned you in your mother’s womb for his purpose? He also willed that you last forever after fulfilling his purpose on earth? Think about this as you thoroughly consider your business purpose in that environment.

Being intentional in the pursuit of purpose is more rewarding than just living dreams in the Disney land. Living-your-dreams should be a product of your God’s given purpose on earth. No doubt about that! You are made by God and for God and until you understand that, life will never make sense.


Moreover, the likelihood of the nature of your business is a fraction of the product of your imaginations, planted inside you by God to fulfil his purpose. Hence, it’s why you’re alive.

Owing to the above statement, a misunderstanding of what your purpose is would breed frustration. This is a case where you try several failed businesses and finally settle for one.

check out failed businesses in the world.

Just pulse for a while so that you can have a deep reflection on yourself: That thing I call talent, gift, dream or business, are these things the reason why I am here? What on earth am I here for?


Perhaps the easiest way to find your business purpose in your locality is to not try to intellectualize it. Every local community has a different business playground for entrepreneurs to survive. In a confined environment like that, you are therefore required to act your way into the locality. This will help you to understand the customers and the demand metric.

A gift, talent, dream or business is a tool your creator (God) gave to you to fulfill (His) glorious purpose on earth. Rather, to chisel something meaningful out of life – contribute to the development of your locality. It is what qualifies you to be a BRAND that makes the world a beautiful place to be (for a while). It’s the roadmap to fulfilling glorious destiny in life.


For an instance, looking at the likes of Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and a host of others with well-defined business purposes to attend to the versatile needs of larger communities, what do you think would happen if they failed to discover their God-given purpose as entrepreneurs? This, therefore, resonates with the spirit of strive, longings, pressure and unhealthy competition.

What’s the worst thing that could happen if you don’t know why you are here? You could be where you are now – believing that you’re sailing far only for the wind of frustration changes the course of your life.

What’s the best thing that could happen if you discover why you are here? You could find yourself living a blessed life that influences your generation for the glory of God.


Remember that you are here on earth to fulfil God’s purpose. You are created to complement His creations (as an entrepreneur that you are). Adding value through the tools (gift, talent, idea, dream, etc.) in your hand is a sure way of glorifying God.

The purpose of your life is greater than everything (personal fulfilment, peace of mind, happiness, success, career, family, etc.) You are expected to search, first, for this purpose before you launch out in life.

The greater good of finding your purpose intentionally as an entrepreneur is that it helps you see the world in its truest nature. The outcome moreover gives a clear vision of your life worth which automatically influences the world around you.

God is the ULTIMATE BRAND that no one can ever compete with but imitate. Therefore, understanding and copying this OMINI BRAND can make your BRAND last forever.



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