How I Build and Improved My Makeup Business in 5 Years – CEO of BlessMor Signature

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to run a Makeup Business in the local community? Do you know how to build a makeup business or improve one? Runways took the pain to scan through the community of Ughelli, Delta State to understand what it takes to run a makeover business in a local community. Behold, we found and sat down with Blessing Moses, founder of BlessMor Signature, to ask her how she started her brand, stays inspired, and so much more!

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About Blessing Moses

I’m Blessing Moses, the CEO of Bless-mor Signature. I am a makeup artist and do makeup for a living. I love anything and everything about beauty. I started BlessMor Signature five years ago.

Inspiration for Choice of Career

My love for the beauty world (inspired me). I love to transform people’s faces to look attractive. This (simple discovery) inspired me to choose this career.

Unique Inspiration Behind The Brand Name

Well, the brand name was coined from my name “Blessing Moses”. I took the “Bless” from Blessing and got the “Mor” from Moses. The blending created the unique brand name “Bless-mor Signature“. The signature, included, represents everything about beauty.

The Journey of 5 Years In Preview

The journey of five years has been awesome and smooth. I love every bit of the process. We are growing by God’s grace.

Challenges in The Makeup Business

Well, one of the challenges is that sometimes we do have customer fluctuations. Oftentimes, we experience a boom in the business, since most of our services are for party-holics. In a case whereby people don’t go out, due to lack of parties or events, it affects our kind of business.

Method Of Attracting and Growing Customer Bases

I get most of my customers through referrals. Whenever I attend to a customer, and she likes my services, I believe people will notice it. What I do speaks for me a lot. Anytime people see our customers’ makeup, they will fall in love and ask where it was made. This is how people get my contact and grow my customer base.


I also post most of my makeover works on Whatsapp and Facebook. Through this method, people see my artwork and seek to visit my studio.

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Challenges Of Running a Makeup Business In A Local Community

It’s not easy. Relocating from Warri to Ughelli (Delta State) was as if I was starting from scratch. People don’t know much about my makeup business here. The perceived thought was as if I am working for someone else or the business is just starting up (laughs…)

Stress Management

Anytime I am stressed, I derive pleasure in makeup. Even though I don’t have a client at the moment, I usually place a request for a model to have a makeup session. Doing that alone gives me a sense of relief and recovery from every boredom and stress.

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Inspiration For Personal And Business Growth

I get my inspiration from top makeup artists in Lagos. The likes of “Ebi Beyonce”, “Makeup by Igho” and “Sophisticated Native”. I am always inspired by these people because I noticed that they started from scratch and gradually grow in their various local places.

5 Years Forecast

Ha! Bless-mor Signature brand will be going far for sure. The starting was very tough for me though. I started my makeup business from the confine of my apartment. There was no fund and recommendations during this period. But gradually, the referrals from satisfied customers drew more other customers to my apartment. This was how I was able to raise money to rent a store for my makeup business. From a store, I moved into a befitting spacious apartment. However, with this steady growth, I believe that BlessMor Signature is going higher and places.

Getting Funds

I get most of my makeup business funds through sales of makeup products and the services I render to customers on a daily basis. These processes help me to save and reinvest the money into my business.

Source Of Happiness As a Makeup Artist

Okay. Each moment I think about my makeup business, I always see happiness oozing out from within me. There are lots of makeup artists with bigger makeup studios or saloons, but they don’t have the skills and knowledge of the business. So, seeing my makeup artistic works on people, the recommendations and referrals bring me uncontrollable joy. Whenever people talk about my brand (BlessMor Signature), I am always happy.

Challenges Of Unsatisfied Customers

Yes, we have experienced cases of unsatisfied customers. Anytime a customer complains about my services, I always feel bad. So, the best way I such challenges is by improving my customer service and upgrading my craft. Truly speaking, when you use fake or substandard makeup products, it will rubbish your work. This basic understanding changed my craft as a makeup artist.

Experience Acquisition

I got my makeup artist experience from “Viro Faces” at Warri. Afterwards, I attended an online course with a Port-Harcourt Makeover company – Juicy Flow Touch. I later upgraded my craft through an online system “Makeup By Igho“.

Inspirational Words To Aspiring Makeup Artists

The makeup business is a very challenging one to handle. It requires funds to set up, run and manage. My advice to aspiring makeup artists is never to give up on yourself. Try to start from where you are. I started from somewhere and continued to upgrade my craft until I got to this level. You can also try this method too.

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People can get in touch with us via Instagram at “Bless-mor Signature“. Our Facebook handle is “Blessing Moses” and you can WhatsApp me at +2348134858023

Sylvester Othuke

Sylvester Othuke is a seasoned writer, Editor, Photographer, and Graphic Designer. His passion for entrepreneurship and research into how to promote and sustain locality development created a niche of exploration. He serves as the Managing Editor at Runways Magazine.

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