Passion is the driving force of every humanitarian service, especially in third-world countries where poverty is the norm. With this in mind, there is a need to create a channel of hope for people who are affected by the state of livelihood in privileged countries. On this tenets, Usim Abel, Founder of Youth Empowerment and Growth Initiative (YEGI) turned his passion into a community project to save lives in Nigeria.

YEGI was founded by a social entrepreneur and humanitarian advisor, USIM ABE in 2017. He has over 15 years of experience as a humanitarian expert. ABE is passionate about helping youths achieve their goals, and believes that YEGI can play a significant role in helping them do so. Learn about how Usim Abel impacts lives as he shares some tips with Runways

Fact About “Youth Empowerment and Growth Initiative”

Youth Empowerment and Growth Initiative (YEGI) is a non-governmental organization aimed at changing the narrative of Africa through youth empowerment and community projects. YEGI was founded in June 2017 and currently runs two major projects. These are; the #BeggarToBoss Project, which is aimed at empowering beggars to become global entrepreneurs and making Nigeria a beggar-free nation. The #Street2school project was designed to take begging children off the street begging and empower them educationally.

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The Journey So Far

The journey so far has been interesting, challenging and progressive. We have been able to empower a lot of beggars who are now entrepreneurs. We’ve also given out scholarships to several children.

YEGI’s Achievements So Far

The “BeggarTo Boss” project is not like every other project and it is the first of its kind. No one cares about the beggars or even thinks of empowering them or sending their children to school. So, these projects are widely accepted by people who are thinking about the future of our nation.

Since we launched the #Beggar2Boss project in 2018, we have successfully helped two beggars to start their businesses. The first is the Chairlady of the beggars who now runs a food canteen business. While the other is Mohammed, a crippled young man who now drives Keke Napep (tricycle) to earn a living. We were able to achieve this through consistent enlightenment programs. This dissuaded them (beggars) from begging and seeking means to make ends meet.

We have also impacted over 150 beggars’ children through our #Street2School project. We exposed them to life beyond street begging, by visiting amusement parks and other tours that can open their minds to greater possibilities. Also, we currently sponsor more children to school under our scholarship scheme through the help of our benevolent donors.

We’ve also bought and given out four wheelchairs to four crippled beggars, who find it difficult to move and helping to reduce the excruciating pain in their spine.

YEGI’s Alliance/Partnership

We’ve been partnering with other organizations like; PinkFood bank, foodcliquesupport, Lagos Food Bank, Transforming Ajegunle Project, and other noble foundations.

YEGI Scope of Coverage

We are currently in Lagos and Ibadan. But we hope to have YEGI in all the 774 local governments in Nigeria.

How YEGI Builds Its Team

Building a team starts with friends who believe in you. Then, volunteers who are willing and devoted to community service. Most times, these volunteers become active members of the organization.

YEGI’s Funding Method

When we started, we were contributing our money and even until now. But we also get support from those who love what we do and trust us through our social media platforms.

YEGI’s Practical Tips For Young Entrepreneurs

Well, I would say (that every young entrepreneur should) get a mentor. Someone already successful in what you are about to start, so he can teach and guilds you.

YEGI’s Future expectations and Plan

Yes (we have plans). Like I said early, we hope to have YEGI in all the 774 local governments in Nigeria, build a low-budget income school and also empower more beggars to become entrepreneurs.

YEGI Contact

You can Volunteer, partner with, or Sponsors any of our projects and programs. Please, send your donations to – 0479380244 (YEGI International – GTBank). You can reach us at +23408062542393 or send us a mail @