A BRAND IS DEFINITELY SOMEONE’S REPUTATION. Simply put, a BRAND is your reputation. Wikipedia defined the concept of brand as a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or services as distinct from those of other sellers. This means that anything or activities done to make a particular self, business or lifestyle different from competitors is known as branding. This is why it is important to look at the strategic steps you can take in order to become a brand in your locality.

The word “Brand is a common term used in the business world. There are hardly any business activities without the touch of branding. Thus, brands are mostly used in business, advertising and marketing for different specific reasons – creating values as brand equity and product and services differentiation. This therefore is created to resonate strategic personality for a product, company or service in order to create a lasting impression in the minds of clients and customers alike.

According to the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, he reiterated that “brand is what other people say about you (your business) when you are not in the room.”

In a local’s perspective, whatever business name, terms (price reduction, benefits, promise, etc.), logo, colour, product design, and/or features that will make someone different from another person is branding. The efforts put together are what make the person a brand.

See also various examples of the world’s most powerful and influential brands.

Whether you are operating locally or globally, a brand is still a brand. The most important thing is the problem-solving mechanism or ideology, which is the sole factor for local and global recognition. This is an inspiration for you to become a brand in your local and scale into global repute.

Notwithstanding the disparity between global brands and local business brands, there are always mutual benefits. The flaws of most global brands to reach some local communities/environs and variance in price system to accommodate all and sundry is a welcome inspiration for brands in various localities to bask in credible economic contribution to the region.

Why Should Local Brands Have Fair Share of Importance?

Local brand has a profound effect on customers in localities. This has a strong influence on customers’ willingness to purchase products or services and the price level they are willing to consider. The interpretation is that your brand has a strong comparative advantage in your locality which credit your brand (business) with utmost importance. For an Instance, Jumia (an online shop), Qservers Network Limited (Hosting Server Company), Dangote Company, and Kharis Kreation, are some of the examples.

Believe it or not, the ultimate goal of a brand is to be effective, gain customers’ recognition and be remembered. If your brand does not meet up these aforementioned criteria, it will be difficult for you to gain ground in your locality or global community. Hence, here are the 5 strategic steps that will help you become a brand in your locality.


What image do you want to create? And what image are you creating?

Creating an overall positive image is a fundamental step to brand’s acceptance and approval. This is the overall perceived perception of the local customers for a wider reach. Brand awareness, creating local excitement and building credibility in social issues, vis-à-vis corporate practices are veritable way to start.


What is the focus of the brand?

Brands don’t just evolve. They are meticulously created, worked upon and designed to address a focused (single) societal problem. Once a brand is successful in creating a focused image-making in a locality, the outcome is very rewarding.


What’s the trust gauge saying? Local brands are limited to a confined group of customers. This therefore entails that what is worth the energy and time at all, is worth done with unwavering integrity.


How stable?

There would be time when all well-planned marketing and branding strategies will prove abortive, resulting to loss and subsequent crash out. Consistency is all that matters in such period. Thus, to building a focused image-making brand with astute integrity, your consistency needs to be formidable. The law of consistency attracts improvement and innovation.


How often do you pray?

There is no denying the fact that every efforts expended on trying to build and sustain a local business brand is wrapped in prayers. As vague as it may sound in the business world, prayers are the unique feature that sustain a local brand. The human minds are wired by God to respond different things at different psychological levels. That’s why human psychology is necessary in marketing and branding. Whatever efforts cannot do, prayers can.

CONCLUSION: Become a brand that develop localities

Whether building a world-class brand or reputation, starting to look inward can change your local setting. Gone are those days when local brands are ill-treated as against foreign brands. There’s now a levelled ground for both brands to co-exist and maintain fair share of customer base.

The competition is growing and many local brands are now having a voice in the global scene. Investors and customers are steadily appreciating the efforts of local brands.

With a strategic approach, global mindset, problem-solving technique, and adopting practical realistic steps, local brands can sustain locality development.




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